Hi, I'm Jason
& I teach stuff.

I work at USC.

I create immersive things.

I'm interested in immersive literacy, communication, & technologies.

Wanna work together? jasonporter@sc.edu

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Spring Semester

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Animated AR Holograms

I'm in the discovery phase for my next project. How do you capture high-fidelity, live human motion that can be experienced in Augmented Reality?
If you're interested in making something straight out of Harry Potter, drop me a line at jasonporter@sc.edu!

Recent Stuff

Jeopardy: Interview Question Edition!

A customizable, interactive game to engage students in developing and practicing their interview skills to help land their first jobs. You can download the source files here.

Piranesi's Worlds

Part multi-player videogame, part art-history lesson, and part wearable museum, Piranesi’s Worlds offers a unique use-case for how VR technologies can accelerate unique and experiential learning. The experience represents an innovative approach to historic site interpretation as well as traditional methods of art history while rendering the rare, immersive work of 18th century Italian artist, Giovanni Piranesi, in an accessible virtual experience.

Let's Get A Job!

Getting that first job is difficulty; let's do it together. Jason, a seasoned creative turned educator, talks with creative professionals about how they got their first job and the things they wish they knew when they did. Let's Get A Job! is a deep dive into the "how and why" of creative industries as told by the folks in them. More than practical career advice, it’s a look behind the curtain revealing a story of shared journeys, spectacular failures, horrible clients and fulfilled dreams.

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Olive, It's Trash!

An Augmented Reality enhanced children's picturebook that visually describes imaginative narratives between the verbal-visual lines of bed-time stories.

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I used to work in Advertising, VFX, and Video Games